Specialist areas

Of course, not all the translations I do for my customers fit entirely within my specialist areas. However, most of my projects are related to the following fields:

Marketing / Business / PRmarketing cloud

Do you want to present your new product or project in the best light? Then you’ve come to the best place. I can help you reach your target group with the right message in the right tone. I pay attention to the specific requirements of different industries – from banking to tourism and pharmaceuticals.

I regularly translate:

  • Presentations
  • Annual & financial reports
  • Press releases
  • Macroeconomic analyses
  • Market research

"Some feedback on the extremely large assignment with 3 PowerPoint files and 1 Word file. I checked it this week and was very impressed with the care and quality of the translation. And despite the fact that one of the presentations had nearly 200 slides, the formatting was perfect. My compliments to your translator!"
– Feedback from a translation company’s end client, EN>DE

Medicine / Pharma


I cover a very wide range of therapeutic indications, from oncology to gynaecology, and am conversant with the established terminology.

I regularly translate:

  • Trial-related materials (publications, informed consent forms, etc.)
  • Publications (e.g. for Schattauer and Karger)
  • Medical press releases
  • Health economics analyses (texts for IQWiG, NICE etc.)
  • SOPs
  • Sales rep materials

"I was very impressed with the quality of this translation! Style, tone, grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation ... Mr Czygan did a fantastic job."
– Feedback from translation company reviser, medical report for Swiss social security office, IT>DE

"A big bouquet of flowers for the translator. That was a great job! :-) A real pleasure to check."
– Translation company reviser, patient information & informed consent form for Merck Sharp & Dohme, EN>DE

IT / Software


As an IT enthusiast, I am familiar with terms like big data, ERP and VBA. Thanks to my previous career I have practical experience with SAP, a number of CMS systems, programming and of course Office. As a result, I am conversant with the terminology and understand how software works.

I regularly translate:

  • Training content for new applications / systems
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • User guides (e.g. for SAP)
  • Reports on industry trends (e.g. Industry 4.0)